Please read before you order!

**Please understand that I literally make every single one of these in a shed in my backyard. They are not going to be as 100% perfect and lint free as what you may be used to. OR maybe they will, and I'm way too self-critical.** If you recieve a shirt and you are unhappy about it or have questions about it's state, PLEASE contact me and I'll try to fix it.


USUALLY it will only take 3-5 business days! HOWEVER, If this whole thing proves sucessful beyond my wildest dreams, it might 3 weeks. That would be PLENTY of time for me to get shirts, get ink, then print and mail your order 
      **WORST CASE SCENARIO**  it would take up to six weeks, but I'll let you know if that's the case. For that to happen, I would have to like, recieve thousands of orders within a week or something insane... fingers crossed I guess? or not? hmmm...
                              On GOD, we gonna get you that shirt, brugh. fr fr

             **USA Shipping***  3-5 business days 
If shipping costs less than what I've charged you, you will be partially refunded! (within a dollar or so, handling fees and envelopes and labels, etc...) US shipping is usually USPS, but if for some reason, it's cheaper to use UPS, then I will.  My packaging is pretty slim, and weight seems to dictate postage, so the multi shirt policy might change in the future.

                            ***International Shipping*** 
If shipping costs less than what I have charged you, I will partially refund your order!
(within $1 or so. I'm keeping the change for envelopes and labels)
I haven't had problems, but also I cannot guarentee delivery of international orders. UPS global costs an astronomical amount, but if you want to try that route we can. 

Currently, the official policy is no refunds/returns if I have shipped your shirt. ABSOLUTELY no refunds for international orders.
This policy probably will change in the future, but for now, (5/24/23 until notice) I cannot refund you if I have mailed you a shirt.

**IF SOMETHING IS WRONG*** that is an entirely different story, and I'll do whatever I need to to make the situation right. 

**If something is WRONG, feel free to contact me!!***